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Below are links to video clips that feature George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Thank you to Chris, Jennifer and Penelope for making many of the clips on this site ♥ You may notice that the 'download' link on the clips below, links to the FTP server on This is my Brad site so I'm not direct linking these clips (or, rather, I am but I'm direct linking from my own site *g*).

The Insider (3rd February 2006)
George on the rumours that Brad and Angelina will marry at his Italian villa.
Download (2.1MB)

Extra (January 2006)
George jokingly 'breaks the news' about Brad adopting Maddox & Zahara and thinks he'd make a great Godfather.
Download (0.7MB)

Extra (9th December 2005)
'Rumor Control' on Extra: George joking on The Tonight Show about Brad getting married at his Italian villa.
Download (1.7MB)

E! News (22nd November 2005)
George on Letterman, jokingly 'dropping bombs', including of the rumour about Brad & Angelina getting married at his villa in Italy.
Download (1.8MB)

Entertainment Tonight (21st November 2005)
Interview with George. Includes him talking about the joke he and Brad thought they should do regarding the rumours about Brad & Angelina getting married at George's Italian villa.
Download (6.6MB)

Entertainment Tonight (16th September 2005)
George dismisses rumours of a Brad & Angelina wedding at his Lake Como home in Italy.
Download (3.8MB)

Extra (7th September 2005)
George discusses Brad & Angelina and talks about Brad's involvement in Las Ramblas.
Download (3.9MB)

E! News Weekend (4th September 2005)
George and Randy Gerber discuss their upcoming Las Vegas complex, Las Ramblas, and talk about Brad's involvement in the project. (The Brad mention is near the end of the clip).
Download (4.5MB)

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