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Below are links to video clips that feature George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Thank you to Chris, Jennifer and Penelope for making many of the clips on this site ♥ You may notice that the 'download' link on the clips below, links to the FTP server on This is my Brad site so I'm not direct linking these clips (or, rather, I am but I'm direct linking from my own site *g*).

VH1: Celebrity Best Friends
The 'Brad Pitt & George Clooney' segment of the VH1 special, Celebrity Best Friends.
Download (5.4MB)

E! 50 Las Vegas Moments (January 2006)
Ocean's Eleven was number 3 on the E! special, 50 Las Vegas Moments.
Download (8.4MB)

Make Poverty History (March 31st 2005)
The Make Poverty History's 'Click' ad (featuring Brad and George), and a short interview with Richard Curtis who discusses the campaign and briefly mentions Brad's involvement.
Download (3.7MB)

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